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Ambrosia & Orleans


Date(s) - 09/28/2018 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Best known as the 70s pop-rock band that brought us iconic hits like “Still the One,” “Dance With Me,” and “Love Takes Time,” Orleans is now entering its 41st year of live performances.  With a body of work that includes 16 albums, the band remains “in demand” domestically and internationally. And it’s no wonder. The same great talent that made them famous continues to take the stage show after show. Co-founder Lance Hoppen (brother of the late co-founder Larry Hoppen) and long-standing members Lane Hoppen, Fly Amero and Charlie Morgan, recently welcomed back co-founder John Hall, who had been on sabbatical as a US Congressman.  Together these musicians carry on their sound with dignity and integrity enforcing the legacy they began more than 40 years ago.


Founded in South Bay Los Angeles in 1970, four young musicians came together to create a new and moving style of music.  And with that, Ambrosia was born. Originally labeled as America’s answer to the progressive invasion from English acts YES and King Crimson, Ambrosia’s invigorating and unique blend of music quickly garnered attention. Their music turned the heads and caught the ears of many iconic bands, which led to touring opportunities with groups like Fleetwood Mac, Heart, and the Doobie Brothers.  Since their success in the 1970s, Ambrosia has earned five Grammy Nominations, as well as multiple Top 40 singles. Known for their hits “Biggest Part of Me,” “How I Feel,” and “You’re the Only Woman,” Ambrosia is sure to bring that same 1970’s groove to the Marion Palace Theatre in 2018!

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